Sentronic flux cored-wire

For manual and robotic soldering applications it is necessary to incorporate a flux core to the wire. For this purpose we have our SENTRONIC brandwhere you can find a wide range of flux cored wires.

The election of an appropriate flux corresponding to each process is fundamental. This election varies depending upon the customer’s needs and its application. In Senra we have our own laboratory where we create custom-made fluxes for our customers and their specifications. The cored fluxes (ROL0, ROL1, REL0, REM1…) are all produced under J-STD-004 standards, so depending on the final application our specialists will recommed the most appropriate cored wire.

Our Sentronic flux-cored enables fast soldering and less flux spatter providing the customer greater productivity. It can also contribute to improve the reliability for micro-joints. Many customers have also tested that there is a good separation of the solder-tip, thus reducing the appeareance of icicles.

All our Sentronic arranges:

  • Good hole-fill
  • Durability
  • Greater productivity
  • Reduction of voids
  • No bad smells
  • Increased fluidity

Contact us to choose the Sentronic wire that best fits your process.