We are a family-owned manufacturer of tin-based alloys. The company started in the 80’s with Jose Luis Senra Abadín who built the company based on his own ethical and entrepeneurship values, such as integrity, solidarity, transparency and workteam.

The second generation –Jose Luis y Eva Senra Jácome– have given a new impulse to the company. We are currently a business with a European dimension that continues with a process of international expansion through which we are working in more that 50 countries.

Líderes en nuestro sector

In Senra we manufacture alloys for different sectors as electronics, plumbing&heating and the industrial field . We guarantee full control of the soldering products’ lifecycle and traceability.

The degree of training, specialization, experience and commitment of our team have reached our proven quality. The entrepeneurial spirit of our founder has brought us here and that is why all the people involved continue with that commitment to constant innovation with the aim of fullfilling our customer’s need.