In order to guarantee quality levels, we have too fundamental tools: our own laboratory and a total quality management according to ISO 9001.


In our laboratoty we carry out the analysis of the raw materials and manufactured products supplied. After going through this control process, we can ensure the highest quality of our products, to verify this a quality certificate is always issued and sent with the product. (Learn more about our laboratory)

Quality management

Under the total management system we plan, execute and control the production in order to guarantee the traceability of the materials. We have ISO 9001 certification –issued by Bureau Veritas– since 2003.

Product standards

Our products are manufactured according to a series of standards which are continuously updating. By clicking on the following line you can see some of the standards we work with, classified by different sectors.

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Plumbing and heating:

  • UNE-EN-ISO 9453 
    Filler materials for soft soldering (ISO 9453:2014)
  • UNE-EN-ISO 17672 
    Filler metals for welding (ISO 17672:2016)
  • ASTM B32-08
    Standard especification for weld metal

White metal:

  • ISO 4381 
    European Tin Lead Casting alloys for multilayer bearings standard
  • ASTM B-23 
    American standard specification for White Metal Bearing alloys (ASTM B23:2014)
  • JIS H 5401 
    Japanese metal industrial standard (JIS H 5401-1958)
  • BS 3332 
    British white metal ingot alloys for bearings standard (BS 3332: 1987)
  • NF A 56-101
    Frech standard for white metal ingots (NF A 56-101: 1985)


  • Sn100C
    Patented material – official authorization by Nihon Superior
  • UNE-EN-ISO 9453
    Filler materials from soft soldering (ISO 9453:2014)
  • ASTM B32-08
    Standard specification for soldering metal


  • UNE-EN-611-1
    Tin for the manufacture of tin objects  (UNE-EN 611-1:1996)
  • UNE-EN-611-2
    Tin for the manufacture of tin objects (UNE-EN 611-1:1996)
  • UNE-EN-ISO 9453
    Filler materials for soft soldering (ISO 9453:2014)