In Senra we manufacture different pewter alloys, among others, mainly for the production of decorative objects.

These alloys are processed by casting, forging, trimming, spinning, rolling, engraving and centrifugal machines. According to the products to be made, such as emblems, candlesticks, replicas, figures, brooches and chains.

Centrifugal cast alloys, manufactured by Senra, guarantee the following features:

  • Correct filling of the pieces
  • Good fluidity of the metal
  • High surface quality outside the molds
  • Low porosity
  • Increased mold life


Alloy Composition (mass %) Casting temperature
Sn Cu Pb Sb
Senra P5 88,75 0,5 4,75 6 280-300ºC
Senra A3 20 76 4 300-340ºC
Senra A5 36,8 60,25 2,95 300-340ºC
Senra Supreme resto 0,5-0,6 4 6,3-6,5 280-320ºC
Senra P 95 96,2 0,6 3,2 260-290ºC