Sn 99,3 Cu 0,7 Ni 0,05 Ge 0,005
Melting point
1kg bar, Anode, Flux-cored wire, Pellets, Solid wire
HASL, Manual, Selective, Soldering Wave

Senra SN100C is an eutectic tin-based alloy with copper, nickel and a small addition of germanium. It was patented by Nihon Superior  (Japan) in 1999 exclusively for the electronics sector and with the idea of replacing SnPb alloys and improving the SnCu ones.

In 2019 Estaños y Soldaduras Senra obtains the patent and license (1911543B1/ES14153411) to carry on producing  and marketing the Sn100C and all its corresponding levelling alloys under their official trademark. This identification mark assures the highest quality for the Sn100C and the levelling alloys, apart from the technical support provided by Senra and Nihon Superior.

Main features of the alloy Sn100C:

  • Comparable fluidity and wettability to SnPb
  • Competitive price compared with SACx
  • Application both for wave soldering, HASL, selective and manual soldering
  • SN100C has been used in the PCB production in more than 15 years
  • SN100C supports a maximum of impurities of 0.05% Pb as opposed to 0.07% of the rest of alloys


SN100CS+ is an upgraded version of the already known Sn100C, it contains 5 times more Germanium (0.025%Ge).

The higher content of Germanium enhances its antioxidant properties creating a thin layer on the surface. Therefore, reducing the dross formation up to 30% by protecting the alloy from reacting with the oxygen and obtaining a more shinny soldering. For this reason, Sn100CS+ is speacially designed for HASL applications and wave soldering without nitrogen.

Senra Sn100CS+ also has other favorable properties as the reduction of the copper dissolution, with which it manages to increase its life cycle without needing to refresh with new material. Due to the reduction of the surface tension it also increases the wettability and the fluidity.

Both Sn100CS+ and Sn100C have their own levelling alloys in order to maintain the desired composition in the soldering wave:

Alloy Observations Application
Base alloy
Extra Ge (250ppm) Sodler without protective atmosphere of N
Base alloy freee of Cu The designation “e” reveals that the alloy does not contain Cu to reduce its level in the solder bath.
Extra Ge (250ppm) free of Cu The designation “e” reveals that the alloy does not contain Cu to reduce its level in the solder bath.